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Talk of The Departed 2

During his talk backstage with the press after his first Oscar win for The Departed,  Scorsese briefly discussed his intentions for a sequel to the hit Oscar winning movie.

Reporters asked him about the rumors pertaining to the sequel/prequel.  Scorsese said that his getting behind the camera again would all depend on the script, which is currently being written by William Monahan.  He went on to confirm that if there is another movie, he would likely tap Robert De Niro to lead, telling reporters it “would be a good idea.”

Returning to do a sequel/prequel is significant since it would mark the first time that Scorsese has re-visited any of his movies.

The Departed took home four oscars Sunday night, including Best Picture and Best Director.  It has grossed $131.81M in North America and has added an additional $148.10M overseas for a current worldwide take of $279.91M, the most ever for a Martin Scorsese film.