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Sean Connery considering a return to film (“Indiana Jones 4”)

After five years of calling it quits in acting, Sir Sean Connery told the newspaper Scotland that he is mulling over the possibility of returning to the big-screen to reprise his role as Dr. Henry Jones in Indiana Jones 4.

Connery has been approached by George Lucas about starring in Indiana Jones 4 and admitted that he is seriously considering it. Responding to a question by Scotland about returning in front of the cameras as the character, Connery answered: “Perhaps.”

Continuing on in the conversation, he added: “At the moment there’s nothing decided. I haven’t got the script. Everything depends on teh script.

Shooting on Indiana Jones 4 will begin some time in the Summer, with a release expected May 2008.

Source: [Scotland] —  Indiana Jones: the crusade to get Connery