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Howard Stern gets large bonus

Shock jock, Howard Stern received an $82.9 million stock bonus from Sirius for reaching, and suprassing, subscriber goals for the Satellite Radio company.In 2004, when Stern signed his $100 million a year contract with Sirius, there was a clause in the contract that if annual subscriptions passed 3.5 million, Stern would receive a stock bonus.

Well, last week the company announced that the radio network had more than 6 million subscribers.

“The decision to bring Howard Stern to Sirius required a very significant commitment and we are very pleased that our investment has dramatically paid off,” Mel Karmazin, CEO of Sirius, said on Tuesday.

Stern was equally pleased saying: “It’s been a great year and the show is better than ever,” “I can do whatever I want and say whatever I want.”

Sirius also said they would not be against another stock bonus in the future if membership continues to increase.