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Toshiba announces 50GB HD DVD disc

Well, more like 51GB.

Toshiba, the main backer of the high-defintion HD DVD format, have announced that they have developed a new disc that is capable of holding 51GB of data.This would be an important addition to HD DVD as it would match the storage capacity of Sony’s Blu-ray disc (25GB single layered and 50GB dual layered).

HD DVD currently has two forms of disc; a single layered 15GB disc and a dual layered 30GB disc. This new disc is made up of three 17GB layers for a total of 51GB.

It must be stressed that there are currently no working prototypes of the disc shown yet. A source familiar with HD DVD tech had the following to say on AVS Forum:

“The format is actually 51 gigabytes (17 gigabytes/layer). And it is just at technology proposal at this point. They would need to submit it to DVD Forum for approval. Once we are through that cycle, then one can determine whether it plays or does not (DVD Forum may modify their proposal before ratification)”

Another positive of the news for HD DVD backers is that not only has the storage capacity been increased, but bandwidth has as well since the disc can be spun at 1.5x instead of the current 1.0x speed. So there is an increase in storage as well as bandwidth, bringing the HD DVD spec past Blu-ray (barring any announcements from Sony).