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Nintendo Wii Hardware Sales at 4 million

VGCharts, which is a website dedicated to keeping track of videogame hardware and software sales, has the Nintendo Wii at 4 million sales worldwide. It’s unclear how accurate this is because VGCharts does not release their source. We should soon get a report from Nintendo relating to if they have hit their 1 year sales goal.

The charts also show the numbers for the Xbox 360 and PS3. If the numbers hold, this would be great news for Nintendo and its fans for their hopes to claim the number 1 spot this generation.

Following are the breakdowns for each region.

Wii- 4.00 million

Japan- 1.2 million

Americas-1.86 million

Other Regions- 0.94

Xbox 360 – 8.34million

Japan- 0.32

Americas-5.38 million

Other Regions-2.64 million

PS3- Total 1.40 million



Other Regions- 0.0

Source: — [VGCharts]