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ABC green lights tv version of “Mr and Mrs. Smith”

In development for a while, Variety is reporting that ABC has given to go ahead on a small-screen version of the hit Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie film Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

The script was originally ordered back in January of 2006. The series will be overseen by Doug Liman and Simon Kinberg as director and writer, and they will be joined by Dave Bartis as executive producers.

“ABC has been amazing in terms of giving us time for development,” Kinberg said. He also added that the plan is to get the pilot out by March.

The show will be more comedic than the feature with a little more darkness, saying: “It’s essentially ‘Married … With Children’ with guns,” Kinberg said. “The show takes all the marital issues a couple has and blows them up to action-genre size.”

So rather than fight about who forgot to pack the toothpaste, “They’ll bicker over someone forgetting to pack the detonator,” he said.

This wil be the second time a TV version of Mr. & Mrs. Smith was attempted, there was a 1996 version of the show that lasted less than 2 months on CBS. It starred Scott Bakula and Maria Bello.

Source:[Variety]ABC gets with ‘Smith’

  • n payne

    who will star in the female lead for this sitcom?

  • n payne

    who will star in the female lead for this sitcom?