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Battlestar Galactica to be made into a RPG

Battlestar Galactica, the hit Sci-Fi/Drama currently airing on Sci Fi Channel, will be made into a RPG (Role Playing Game) according to a report on the Gaming Report website.

Margaret Weis Productions has reached an agreement with Universal Studios Consumer Products Group to create role playing products based on the series.

“When we established our company we made the commitment to produce character- and story-focused role playing games using the best source material we could find,” says Margaret Weis, New York Times best-selling author and game publisher. “Battlestar Galactica is the kind of science fiction that we do best, where the drama and characters are more important than the guns and the gadgets. The very survival of the human race is at stake in the series and exploring the story possibilities in the setting can make for some very exciting games.”

The game book will be set in space, just like the series, and focus on the same challenges of survival that face the Galactica fleet every day, including the hard choices they are forced to make.

Follow the link to the source below for more details on the project.

Source:  [GamingReport]Margaret Weis Productions Officially Announces Battlestar Galactica RPG