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TV Notes: 11/16/2006

“Heroes” will air straight through in original programming, with no repeats, according to NBC. Eight episodes have aired so far with three more episodes scheduled for the fourth quarter. The series will then come back in January and run through the remaining original episodes.

Fox is considering doing the same thing with “Prison Break”. The network is leaning towards running all 22 episodes first-run with no repeats and deciding not to pull the series and put it on hiatus. Last season, the series ran to the end of November sweeps and did not come back until mid. 11 episodes have aired thus far, and the remaining 11 episodes will run straight through most likely around January, after their BCS games are aired and after the special two-hour premiere of the sixth season of “24”.

In other news, Fox has set a returning date for “Justice” of Friday, December 1st at 8:00 PM. The series will take over for canceled “Vanished” which will be banished to the internet, where the remaining four episodes will be streamed for free:

“The remaining four episodes will stream on the VANISHED myspace page, with a new episode posted every Friday at 12:01 PT, beginning Nov. 17th. Three episodes will be kept up at a time. The series finale will be posted online on Friday, December 8th.”

Continuing with news from Fox, the network has extended “Standoff” by ordering six additional episodes and has given “‘Til Death” a full-season order.

And lastly, CBS has ordered at least an additional 4 episodes (an exact amount has not yet been decided on) of “The Class”.