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Brandon Routh talks about ‘Superman Returns’ sequel

Speaking with Rotten Tomatoes Brandon Routh, star of “Superman Returns”, shed a view details on the sequel to the successful franchise.

Speaking on making the movie more action packed, Routh had the following to say: “Bryan [Singer] said at Comic-Con they were going to add some more fighting elements and stuff like that. “That might be kind of interesting to throw some punches or throw something, I don’t know, a little more active.”

Production on the movie seems to be some time away: “I think I’ve got a while. We probably won’t start for another at least six months. They’ve got to get things written so I’m still in the gym. I still work out a little bit but certainly not as much as I had been.”

Routh goes on to state his excitement for the project: “I’m extremely excited, even though I don’t know what the story’s going to be, to find out what the story’s going to be and excited for them, Bryan, Dan [Harris] and Mike [Dougherty] to go start writing and continue the story. I’m excited to see what happens, where the characters are going to go.”

Brandon Routh Looking For More Fights In “Superman Returns 2” [Rotten Tomatoes]