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Broadcast TV Ratings for Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Outpacing its nearest competitor by 3M viewers and 1 full rating point in A18-49, ABC wins the evening.

ABC finished first for the evening with a 10.4/16 HH rating (15.97M viewers) and a 4.6/12 A18-49 rating.

  • Yet another amazing performance from a 90 minute “Dancing With The Stars” (21.08M viewers), and a 5.9/16 A18-49 rating helped secure a ratings win in households, viewers and A18-49 for the Alphabet.
    • An increase of 1.09M viewers and three-tenth in A18-49 from the week prior.
  • At 9:30 PM, “Help Me Help You” (10.87M viewers) scored a 3.3/8 A18-49 rating.
    • It’s obviously disappointing that the show is losing so much of its lead-ins audience, but really, who expected it not to? Ratings for the show are remaining consistent, and the show improved week-week in all categories: 7.0/11 to 7.3/11 HH Rating, 10.30M to 10.87M viewers and 3.1/8 to 3.3/8 in A18-49.
  • At 10:00 PM, Boston Legal (10.85M viewers) held on to most of ‘Help’s’ viewer audience and all of its A18-49 viewers, 3.3/9. Week to Week Numbers:
    • Households – 6.8/11 to 7.2/12
    • Viewers – 10.12M to 10.85M
    • A18-49 – 3.0/8 to 3.3/9

CBS followed in second place with an 8.1/13 HH rating (12.97M viewers), and third in A18-49, delivering a 3.6/9 rating in that demo.

  • At 8:00 PM, “NCIS” (15.75M viewers, 3.8/10 A18-49 rating) put up decent competition against the powerhouse “Dancing With The Stars” finishing second in both categories in the time-period. Week to Week Numbers:
    • Households – 9.9/15 to 9.8/15
    • Viewers – 15.57M to 15.75M
    • A18-49 – 3.8/11 to 3.8/10
  • At 9:00 PM, “The Unit” (12.82M viewers, 3.7/9 A18-49 rating) was good enough for a placement of second in the time-period in viewers and tied for second in A18-49. Week to Week Numbers:
    • Households – 8.3/13 to 7.9/12
    • Viewers – 13.02M to 12.82M
    • A18-49 – 3.6/9 to 3.7/9
  • At 10:00 PM, “Criminal Minds (R)” (10.33M viewers, 3.1/8 A18-49 rating) did a fine job at replacing “Smith” which was pulled weeks ago. CBS will continue to air repeats of both “CSI” and “Criminal Minds” until November 14th, when new series 3lbs. takes over in the time-period. CSI aired in the time-period last week, here are the Week to Week Numbers:
    • Households – 6.7/11 to 6.7/11
    • Viewers – 10.02M to 10.33M
    • A18-49 – 3.2/9 to 3.1/8

FOX finished in third place with a 6.9/11 HH rating (10.25M viewers), and fourth in A18-49, delivering a 3.4/9 rating in that demo.

  • From 8:15 PM to 11:45 PM “MLB Baseball” (10.25M viewers, 3.4/9 A18-49 rating) posted some of its best numbers to date, with the game between the Mets and Cardinals. Week to Week Numbers:
    • Households – 5.5/9 to 6.9/11
    • Viewers – 7.81M to 10.25M
    • A18-49 – 2.6/7 to 3.4/9

NBC followed in fourth for the evening delivering a 6.7/10 HH rating (10.12M viewers) but finished a strong second in A18-49, delivering a 3.8/10 rating in that demo.

  • At 8:00 PM, “Friday Night Lights” (6.61M viewers, 2.7/7 A18-49 rating) continued to do poorly for NBC, but did show improvement in all categories from the week prior, particularly among A18-49. Week to Week Numbers:
    • Households – 4.1/6 to 4.2/6
    • Viewers – 6.28M to 6.61M
    • A18-49 – 2.4/7 to 2.7/7

The CW finished in fifth for the evening delivering a 2.5/4 HH rating (4.00M viewers) and a 1.7/4 A18-49 rating.

  • At 8:00 PM, “Gilmore Girls” (4.77M viewers, 2.0/5 A18-49 rating) stayed solid, but like most CW shows, is down some from the comparable frame last year (6.08M viewers, and a 2.9/8 among A18-49). Week to Week Numbers:
    • Households – 3.2/5 to 3.1/5
    • Viewers – 4.61M to 4.77M
    • A18-49 – 2.0/6 to 2.0/5
  • At 9:00 PM, “Veronica Mars” (3.22M viewers, 1.4/4 A18-49 rating) perked up some from the week prior and is up from the comparable frame last season (3.05M viewers, 1.4/4 A18-49 rating). Week to Week Numbers:
    • Households – 2.0/3 to 1.9/3
    • Viewers – 2.99M to 3.22M
    • A18-49 – 1.3/3 to 1.4/4

Source: Fast National Numbers from Nielsen Media Research

Note: Fast Nationals are used when comparing week-to-week numbers, while Final Nationals are used when comparing year-to-year numbers unless specified.

The ratings for all the programs that aired last night are viewable below in chart form (click to enlarge):