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Broadcast TV Ratings for Thursday, October 12, 2006

CBS Wins Households, and Viewers, and Is Gaining on ABC in A18-49, where Grey’s Provides Just Enough to Give ABC The Win In The Key Demo.

CBS finished first for the evening with a 10.6/17 HH rating (17.16M viewers) and second in A18-49, delivering a 5.6/12 rating in the demo.

  • “Survivor” (15.74M viewers) was beaten by “Ugly Betty” for the first time this season in Households (9.4/15 to 9.3/15) but not viewers, where it still holds an advantage of about 2M viewers. “Survivor” was also still the victor in A18-49 (5.4 to 4.2).
  • “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” (21.58M viewers) stayed consistent with last week’s rating (even in households, +0.3 rating points in A18-49–7.2 to 7.5). Having said that though, it still was defeated by “Grey’s Anatomy” in all three categories.
  • “Shark” (14.14M viewers) continues its strong ratings, staying even in households from the previous week (9.2/15) and adding 0.1 rating points in A18-49 (3.8 to 3.9).

ABC followed in a second with a 10.1/16 HH rating (15.25M viewers) and first in A18-49, delivering a 5.7/13 rating in the demo.

  • “Ugly Betty” (13.81M viewers) seems to be a sure-thing, a relief I’m sure to ABC who’s been having a few troubles this season with new shows. The series beat its main competitor ‘Survivor’ in households (though narrowly–9.4/15 to 9.3/15). This marks the first time this season that it’s been beaten in households.
  • “Grey’s Anatomy” took the crown once again in households (14.6/22), viewers (22.82M) and A18-49 (9.3/22).  It improved .36M viewers from the week before.
  • Six Degrees (9.10M viewers) continues to struggle to hold on to ‘Grey’s’ audience.  With ‘Betty’ averaging about 14M viewers and ‘Grey’s’ over 20M, ‘Degrees’ is most definitely the weak link and will surely be moved, though I doubt cancellation is a worry at this point.

NBC finished in third place with a 7.1/11 HH rating (11.27M viewers) and a 4.3/11 A18-49 rating.

  • The combination of “My Name Is Earl” (9.90M viewers) and “The Office” (8.79M viewers) brought the network a 5.7/9 HH rating for the hour and a 4.0 A18-49 rating. Relatively unchanged from the week prior (5.7/9, 4.1 A18-49).
  • “Deal Or No Deal” (10.09M viewers) continues to provide decent opposition to ‘Grey’s’ and ‘CSI’, delivering a 6.2/10 (3.1) mostly even from last week’s 6.3/9 (3.2).
  • “E.R.” (14.37M viewers) continues to impress, winning the time-period in A18-49 by almost two points (5.9 vs. 4.0 for its closest challenger; “Shark”)

FOX followed in fourth for the evening delivering a 5.3/8 HH rating (8.05M viewers) and a 2.4/6 A18-49 rating.

  • “MLB Baseball” (8.05M viewers) improves from the comparable game last week, 4.1/7 (1.9), but its still down from last year (9.05M viewers) and previous years.

The CW
finished in fifth for the evening delivering a 2.6/4
HH rating (4.32M viewers) and a 1.9/5 A18-49 rating.

  • Both “Smallville” (4.93M viewers) and “Supernatural” (3.70M viewers) improved upon their ratings from last week, with the former delivering a 3.0/5 (2.2) and the later a 2.2/4 (1.6). Combined, its an increase of 0.2 rating points in households and 0.1 rating points in A18-49 from the previous week.

Source: Fast National Numbers from Nielsen Media Research

The ratings for all the programs that aired last night are viewable below in chart form (click to enlarge):