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Results of Digital Video Recording Playback

Nielsen Media has begun tracking viewing habits of users with TiVo/DVR devices, and the results are quite interesting.

Here are a few note-worthy observations from the data:

As expected, the biggest hits and series in brutally competitive time slots are among the most frequently “time-shifted”: Grey’s Anatomy, Lost, Survivor, House. Of the 18.8 million Lost fans for last week’s season opener, 1 million — or more than 5% of the audience — watched the show later Wednesday night.

And NBC’s The Office had the biggest percentage of delayed viewers: The show’s ratings spiked nearly 7% when viewing later Thursday night is counted, and more than 11% from viewing up to a week later.

House gained 1.4 million viewers, or 10.5%, from tardy fans up to seven days after its Sept. 19 episode, and the Grey’s season opener grew 8%, adding 1.8 million who watched CSI or did something else instead on Thursday night.

Playback time for Nielsens [USA Today]