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Creator-Exec Producer of “Entourage” Pitches New HBO Show

Doug Ellin (creator-exec producer of “Entourage”) has sold HBO his next comedy series.

Currently unnamed, the half-hour comedy has been presented as a “mature version of ‘Entourage’ set on Wall Street”.

The idea for the show came about when Ellin and Stephen Levinson realized several of their friends from college, “regular, fraternity brother-type guys,” says Ellin, were making $40-50M a year on Wall Street.

“I wanted to do a show that deals with these men who are making obscene amounts of money at a young age,” he said. “It’s a comedy, but it will be more mature than ‘Entourage.’ The characters will be dealing with grown-up issues such as marriage, getting older and working within the professional ranks.”

A script is in the works and Ellin cites several real-life situations as the basis for the pilot.

“New money — the kind you don’t inherit — puts you on a different stratosphere, and that’s what I think will be interesting in this show,” Ellin said, adding the group of friends will comprise both wealthy and middle-class guys. “What happens when you’ve made all of this money? What kind of stress does it put on your relationships?”

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