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Fall 2006 TV Review, Part Six (”Friday Night Lights”)

Lets get right into the sixth part of my mini-review feature; “Friday Night Lights” (here is part one, part two, part three, part four and part five).

I personally love football, and judging by the ratings on the broadcast and cable nets, so does America. So some would assume a tv show revolving around football would be a no-brainer in terms of attracting enough eyeballs to be successful. It isn’t that easy though, you can’t just have a sports show where every week there is a new football game. It would get boring very quickly and just wouldn’t work.

So enter Friday Night Lights, a show about more than the sport of football. This is a show with heart, with soul.

Part of the same Friday Night Lights of which we’ve had books and a movie, the pilot is about a new coach coming into a town where football is king. Kyle Chandler (whom most should recognize from the Grey’s Anatomy “Super Bowl” episode) plays the part of head coach Eric Taylor, expected to take the high-school team to the championship.

From just the pilot, I can see a series full of potential. We see right away that this show won’t be just about football, we’ll live the characters accomplishments, and be there for their tragedies. It’s a series about family, about hope, and then about football.

Friday Night Lights is a very successful pilot, with all that is needed to make a good show, including a great pace, and an effective mixture of emotion thrown in for good measure.

NBC has another hit on their hands.

5 out of 5

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