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Fall 2006 TV Review, Part Five (“Heroes” and “Runaway”)

Before we get going on the next part of my Fall 2006 Review feature (here is part one, part two, part three and part four), let’s recap the series premiere ratings from Sunday evening, of which there was only one.

Brothers & Sisters

Averaged a 10.7/17 HH Rating with a 6.2 A18-49 rating (16.10M viewers). So far, this is the best new series premiere of the season. It is of course down from the same time period last season which was held by Grey’s Anatomy (18.98M viewers). However, it is on par, in terms of viewers, with the series launch of Grey’s Anatomy two years ago (16.25M viewers. This is a very good sampling of viewers, and the high A18-49 rating (3rd for the evening) should make ABC happy.

Alright, now let’s move on to my mini-review feature. Two new shows premiere this evening; Heroes and Runaway, and both at the same time; 9PM.


  • When and Where does it air?
    • Monday’s at 9 PM on NBC

A supernatural Sci-Fi series dealing with a group of ordinary people who all of a sudden gain super powers.

Heroes looks like it’ll become my favorite Sci-Fi show of the season, at least judging simply by the pilot. I enjoyed the wide-array of difference between the many characters on the show. Whether we are learning about the teenage cheerleader, the Japanese Star Trek nerd or two brothers (to mention just a few of the characters) each story is very effectively connected within the episode and are enjoyable to learn more on.

The endless possibilites of story potential is another aspect that draws me to the series. Quite simply, there are so many different angles that the creators can come from, and they should not be running out of ideas any time soon. Will these characters with new abilities use their super powers for good, or evil?

I wonder though if an explanation will be given as to why this is happening. The premise behind the show is certain to turn some people off, but at the same time it could really lead to an enjoyable series with good characters and interesting plots.

Good characters, an interesting premise (in my opinion at least) all overcome some shortcomings in the pilot such as a few moments of slow pacing.

4 1/2 out of 5

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  • When and Where does it air?
    • Monday’s at 9 PM on NBC

One of only two new series developed for The CW (the other being The Game), Runaway is a very successful pilot for the new network.

The show focuses on a family of five on the run, coping with the fact that they’ve had to leave their family, friends and career behind to go on the run to escape a conspiracy. The lead character is played by Donnie Wahlberg.
The show is full of tension and suspense, and very finely acted and casted. It flows very well from beginning to end and does just enough to keep the audience wondering what exactly this family is on the run for, and whether or not they are about to be caught.

It has some parallels to other serials on the air such as Prison Break but there is enough here to differentiate it from the rest of the pack. I also have a pretty good feeling that because of the show’s placement on the CW network it has one of the best chances of remaining on the air. I say that because of the networks lower expectations and the show’s large audience lead-in it will have with 7th Heaven airing right before it.

Some may be turned off by the Fugitive type storyline, but those tuning in should find a well crafted enjoyable episode.

4 out of 5

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