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Fall 2006 TV Review, Part Three (“Jericho” and “Kidnapped”)

Before I continue on with this feature, let’s recap the series premiere ratings from last evening.


Averaged a 7.2/12 HH Rating with a 3.5 A18-49 rating (10.71M viewers). Welcome news to CBS as the show held onto a good majority of its lead-in The Unit, especially in adults 18-49, where retention was at a very excellent 100%. It finished third in the time-slot behind SVU–9.6/16 (5.1)–and Boston Legal–7.8/13 (3.5). As you can see, it tied for second place in A18-49. The Unit’s dip from last season’s premiere–11.6 (5.0)–may have minimized some of Smith’s audience potential.

Alright, now lets continue on to the third part of my Fall 2006 Review feature (here is part one and part two).


  • When and Where does it air?
    • Wednesday’s at 8:00 PM on CBS

JerichoGoing into watching Jericho, I expected a lot. And in my opinion, it didn’t deliver. Make no mistake, the pilot is not a horrible episode by any stretch of the imagination, it just does not match the hype of which this show has been the recipient of.

One of the biggest problems I have is the structure of the show that the creators have crafted. It is a very character-driven show, and if the writers are not careful the show can become bogged down in the multiple characters and lose focus on the story of the show. I fear that’s what’s going to happen. It could just be me, but I don’t see this show succeeding if it continues to follow the same formula as the pilot. Good characters are a result of good writing and good storytelling; you can’t rely on the characters to tell the stories for you. Judging solely from the pilot, that is what is being done with Jericho, and I can’t help but predict that the season will consist of backgrounds on these characters, relegating the nuclear explosion plot to the background.

Skeet Ulrich plays the lead character on the show, Jake Green. Ulrich is an interesting choice to lead this dramatic series, and it’s too early to judge from the pilot if the casting was well planned. Certain things happen in the first episode with regards to Jake, making it hard for you to decide whether or not you like or hate him. People will say that’s a sign of a well-written character, but I don’t buy it, especially in the approach they’ve taken here.

I understand however why critics may become attached to the show (characters, characters, characters is not a strong suit for me, there has to be more), but as I’ve already said, I’ll be surprised if it lasts. I predict this will be “the Invasion series” of the Fall 2006 TV season (a critically acclaimed but lowly rated-in terms of what’s expected-series). Of course, I’d love to be proven wrong on that statement, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Let’s also not forget that it already has many points against it for being on CBS, a network whose demographics tend to skew older than the other main networks.

3/5 stars.

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  • When and Where does it air?
    • Wednesday’s at 10:00 PM on NBC

Yet another heavily serialized show to have to watch is probably one of the first things to pop into your mind when thinking about Kidnapped. But what Vanished has so far down wrong, Kidnapped did right in the pilot.

Unlike with Vanished where there are certain characters that are just so darn annoying, Kidnapped has a much better blend of actors. The kidnapping of the kid is also much more dramatic, and has a darker more realistic tone to it than Vanished has.

Of course, you still come back to the problem at hand, another Prison Break type show where you wonder to yourself out loud “how do they expect to keep this show going for a year, let alone multiple seasons?” But, lets worry about that later, the issue at hand is the quality of this episode and in that regard, the writers have done well.

Kidnapped is an intense, well put together finely acted show with a mystery behind the kidnapping that should lead to a satisfying conclusion when its all said and done. The characters are strong here, with a wide array of difference between the large cast. Always a plus. It’s a strong, albeit not excellent, episode with few flaws.

4/5 stars

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